California Wedding Ceremony

California Wedding Ceremony

Some couples need the individual attention of a relationship coach. This may be a yearly “check-up,” like going to the physician, or a few more sessions to work out the issues. Our coaches listen and understand to best coach the couple to work out issues. The emphasis is different from Premarital Coaching though many components are similar.

Marital Issues

The phrase “For better or worse” uttered by many couples at their wedding assumes there will be difficult times ahead. Relationship Coaching provides a supportive third ear and expert advice. A helpful coach can be there for you both to move through and resolve common but tough issues and struggles with life transitions. There is the best option for you with:

  • Career changes
  • Health concerns
  • Sexual appetites
  • In-laws and children worries
  • Financial distress

Coaching not Counseling

In coaching, you both examine your current needs and goals. Then the coach assists you to move toward the satisfying and prosperous life you desire. The focus of coaching is present needs and future positive results.

In counseling, on the other hand, the therapist delves into the past to uncover and deal with the roots of the present life difficulties. The focus of counseling is past and present.

Professional Coaches

Our relationship coaches are experts in coaching for healthy relationships. The criteria for selecting our coaches include sensitivity, understanding, and expertise. They each have specific professional training to assist you and adhere to our professional Code of Ethics (PDF).

Relationship Assessment

One way to get enough information to coach you both successfully would be to talk with you for hours and hours. A better way is to get an objective perspective that is quick, easy, and accurate by utilizing an online relationship assessment tool. There are no right or wrong answers. Your confidential results allow us to identify your strengths as a couple and areas for further discussion.

Your Needs are Important

You and your spouse are unique individuals and both of you deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. When your coach understands what you seek as individuals and as a couple, your coach can guide you in the direction of your path to happiness and prosperity.

Why it Enhances Relationships

Relationship Coaching enhances your married life by:

  • Improving your communication skills
  • Increasing your ability to resolve conflict
  • Identifying strengths and growth areas
  • Supporting you to discuss personal, couple, and family goals

Every couple needs to address the basic issues at some point in their ongoing relationship. It is better to discuss these universal issues with a coach, with cool heads and warm hearts, rather than in the heat of a disagreement. When you both have an understanding of the core issues, the small stuff of everyday life does not get in the way of your pursuit of happiness.

Be More in Love

When a couple talks frankly about their needs, trust grows, and love blooms. You want to make your partner happy and you expect the same from them. Knowing what each person desires better assures your loving happiness together.

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