Alaska Destination Wedding

Alaska Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are more popular than ever before, so if you love the idea of getting away but want to do something really different, consider planning an Alaska destination wedding!

Alaska is a fabulous destination that is perfect for a bride and groom who want to plan a summer destination wedding since many beach destinations are simply too hot at that time of year.

Alaska has stunning scenery and makes a breathtaking backdrop for nuptials. The bonus? If you’re from the US, you won’t have to worry about any of the hassles of planning an international wedding!

Goodness Glacier!

There are so many spectacular locations in the state of Alaska to host a wedding, but for the true Alaskan experience, consider an outdoor ceremony with stunning glaciers and snowcapped mountains as your background. Ice and snow set the stage for a wedding that’s completely unique – but for a true glacier, you and your guests may need to board a helicopter or small plane to arrive somewhere truly exotic!

Outdoor Ceremonies

Summer temperatures are perfect for an outdoor garden ceremony, where waterfalls, rainforest-like tree canopies, and ferns create a pristine ambiance that’s perfect for a wedding ceremony. Many couples who get married in Alaska choose to do so at a beautiful log lodge, where guests can enjoy the area.

City Slickin’

The city of Anchorage a beautiful city where you can easily plan a fantastic wedding. There’s so much to do – from local tours to fine dining with a focus on local cuisine, and simply enjoying the beauty of the surroundings.

Alaska Destination Wedding Cruise

Booking your journey through Alaska on a cruise ship is one of the most stress-free, and romantic ways to travel. Many Alaskan cruise ships offer complete wedding packages, where you can have a romantic wedding ceremony on the ship itself – and all the details, from flowers to music, are all taken care of for you! If you prefer to say “I do” atop a glacier, but travel by cruise ship, that can be planned easily. It’s the perfect way to marry the luxury of an ocean liner with the natural beauty of the 49th State.

Wedding Planners

To plan a destination wedding to Alaska, it’s a wise idea to find a local wedding planner.

Alaska specialists will know just where to turn to help make your day a success – from finding the perfect ceremony and reception location to coordinating local photographers, entertainment, and décor as necessary. If you plan to plan from afar, hiring a local planner is one of the first things you should consider!

What to Wear

If you’re planning a destination wedding to Alaska, you’ll need to plan your bridal ensemble from home – that’s one thing that the planners won’t provide for you!

Choose a gown you love, and remember to bring along a beautiful stole as (you guessed it!) it gets cold on top of those glaciers! For your accessories, consider splurging on a beautiful Alaskan diamond – or wear a beautiful necklace that features an aquamarine stone to always remind you of the ocean and glaciers.

Planning a destination wedding to Alaska is an amazing idea – your guests will never forget the destination wedding they attended that wasn’t on a beach. After you say “I do,” snuggle up to catch a show – of the Northern Lights, that is!

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