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7 Things to Consider When picking Your Wedding Shoes

What’s your dream wedding shoe? Gucci, Louis Vuitton…. you name it. Wedding shoes are a big deal, and it’s never easy to pick one out of the many beauties. There are a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, so we’ve come up with these seven things to consider when picking your wedding shoes.

1.         Order your wedding shoes at least a month to the wedding; don’t wait for your aunty that is coming in from America for 2 days to the wedding to bring your shoes. What if the size isn’t right or the heels are higher than you thought? It could really throw you off balance having to get your shoes last minute. Give yourself ample time.

2.         Make sure they are wearable; yes they are your dream fancy shoes but how practical are they? You’re going to be wearing these shoes for hours, as much as possible ensure it is comfortable for you. Proper wedding shoes are usually designed to be comfortable.

3.         Walk-in your wedding shoe; Yes, walk in them and dance in the days before the wedding, think of it as bonding time between your feet and your shoes! It will help your feet mold into your shoes and give you even more comfort.

4.         Make sure your wedding shoes match your dress; Silk and satin are common shoe fabrics, but take your dress into consideration when buying your shoes. You should also have your dress fabric in mind to make sure that the color and texture match. Don’t forget that there are varying shades of white, so make sure you get it right

5.         Don’t forget your feet; Regardless of how beautiful your wedding shoes are, if your feet are cracked and dry your shoes won’t look nice. Get a relaxing pedicure a few days to your wedding.

6.         Let your shoes match your personality; who says you must wear the de-facto white or cream shoes? If you’re an unconventional bride, colored shoes might just be what you need. You could also wear sneakers or flat shoes and if anyone asks you why to remind them that’s it’s your wedding.

7.         Expect the unexpected; Things happen, welcome to real life! Your heel might break, or you’re just not comfortable with your selection, it’s a good idea to have an extra pair or have nice fancy slippers you can wear.

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